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Siege of Berat (1280–81)

The Siege of Berat in Albania by the forces of the Angevin Kingdom of Sicily against the Byzantine garrison of the city took place in 1280–1281. Berat was a strategically important …

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Albania under the Bulgarian Empire 

The territory of modern Albania was part of the Bulgarian Empire during certain periods in the Middle Ages and some parts in what is now eastern …

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Siege of Berat (1450)

The Siege of Berat began July, 14553 at the Albanian city of Berat, when the Albanian army of Skanderbeg besieged the fortress held by Ottoman forces. …

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Albania in the Middle Ages 

The Middle Ages in Albania is that period that starts after the region that is now Albania in the Byzantine Empire, until their incorporation in …

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Byzantine Albania 

In 395, the Roman Empire was permanently divided and the area that now constitutes modern Albania became part of the Byzantine Empire. Antiquity After the …

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Albanians of Kosovo 

Albanians are the largest ethnic group in Kosovo, commonly called Kosovar Albanians, Kosovan Albanians, and Kosovo Albanians. According to the 1991 Yugoslav census, boycotted by Albanians, there were 1,596,072 ethnic …

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