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Apr 18,16by Voice of Zeus

Myzeqe or Myzeqeja, or Musachia is a region in the south-western part of central Albania,1 sometimes referred to as being between the Shkumbin and Seman rivers,2 and sometimes extending south to …

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Shqip(ë)tar (plural: Shqip(ë)tarët, feminine: Shqip(ë)tare); Gheg Albanian: Shqyptar,1 Shqiptar), is an Albanian language ethnonym (autonym), by which Albanians call themselves.23 …

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The Illyrian Sheepdog 

The Illyrian Sheepdog (in Albanian: Deltari Ilir, Qeni i Sharrit, meaning Illyrian Dog or Dog of Sharr; Macedonian: Шарпланинец; Serbian Cyrillic: Шарпланинац, literal translation: Dog of the Šar Mountains or Šar Mountain Dog, also …

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Molossian dog 

This ancient1 dog breed of dog is commonly considered to be the ancestor (in rivalry with the Alaunt, the dog of the Alans) of today’s Mastiff2-type dogs and of …

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Principality of Arbanon 

The Principality of Arbanon or Albanon (Albanian: Arbër or Arbëria, Gheg Albanian: Arbn or Arbnia,3 Greek: Ἄρβανον), was the first Albanian state during the Middle Ages. The state was established …

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Battle of Dyrrhachium

The Battle of Dyrrhachium (near present-day Durrës in Albania) took place on October 18, 1081 between the Byzantine Empire, led by the Emperor Alexios I Komnenos (r. 1081–1118), and …

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