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Ghika family

The Ghica family (Romanian: Ghica, Greek: Gikas, Γκίκαs) were a Romanian noble family active in Wallachia, Moldavia and in the …

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Prince Wied of Albania

Prince William of Wied, Prince of Albania (German: Wilhelm Friedrich Heinrich; Albanian: Princ Vidi or Princ Vilhelm Vidi; 26 March …

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Via Egnatia

The Via Egnatia (Greek: Ἐγνατία Ὁδός, Albanian: Rruga Egnatia ) was a road constructed by the Romans in the 2nd century …

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Albanian Grand Viziers 

A Ahmed Izzet Pasha Dukakinzade Ahmed Pasha Kara Ahmed Pasha Tarhoncu Ahmed Pasha Arabacı Ali Pasha Amcazade Köprülü Hüseyin Pasha …

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Ottoman Albania 

Ottoman Albania comprised Albania during the period it was part of the Ottoman Empire, from 1385 to 1912. Ottoman rule in Albania began after …

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