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The Albanian People’s Army

The Albanian People’s Army (Albanian: Ushtria Popullore Shqiptare, UPS ) was the army of the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania …

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Principality of Arbanon 

The Principality of Arbanon or Albanon (Albanian: Arbër or Arbëria, Gheg Albanian: Arbn or Arbnia,3 Greek: Ἄρβανον), was the first Albanian state during the Middle Ages. The state was established …

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Battle of Dyrrhachium

The Battle of Dyrrhachium (near present-day Durrës in Albania) took place on October 18, 1081 between the Byzantine Empire, led by the Emperor Alexios I Komnenos (r. 1081–1118), and …

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Siege of Berat (1280–81)

The Siege of Berat in Albania by the forces of the Angevin Kingdom of Sicily against the Byzantine garrison of the city took place in 1280–1281. Berat was a strategically important …

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Albania under the Bulgarian Empire 

The territory of modern Albania was part of the Bulgarian Empire during certain periods in the Middle Ages and some parts in what is now eastern …

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Siege of Berat (1450)

The Siege of Berat began July, 14553 at the Albanian city of Berat, when the Albanian army of Skanderbeg besieged the fortress held by Ottoman forces. …

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